Dual Tattoo


Dual Tattoo is the laser for removing tattoos and pigmented lesions

    Dual Tattoo offers 2 wavelengths, that are emitted extremely fast at a very high energy. These pulses are selectively absorbed by the tattoo or by the discoloration pigment, that are break into small fragments. This process allows cells to recognize particles as foreign objects, therefore some of them come to superficial layers of dermis and are expelled, while most of them are absorbed, digested by macrophages and finally removed by the immune system.

Since wavelengths can be absorbed only by pigment particles, surrounding tissues can not be damaged. The Q-Switched Dual Tattoo laser removes all types of tattoos: professional and amateur tattoos, as well as traumatic tattoos (those that came from accidents), can be successfully treated.

  • DUAL TATTOO INNOVATIONpico before after
    In the past, the removal process of tattoo and pigmented lesion was made with dermabrasion (mechanical or with CO2 laser), but this technique used to make scars. Nowadays, thanks to the innovative technology of Dual Tattoo, the problem of scarring has been overcome, since no scars are made during / after the procedure.

The laser emits pulses that selectively target the pigment or melanosome, that is the cellular organelle containing melanin. To properly remove a tattoo it is important to keep in mind some parameters such as: colors, the depth of the pigment and when it was done. The advantages of laser removal of tattoos, in comparison with other techniques, are: treatment is less invasive; absence of scars; less recovery times; absence of anesthesia.

    Dual Tattoo laser provides 2 different wavelengths: 1064 nm and 532 nm. Depending on the wavelength, the laser is able to act on different pigment colors. A red laser guide helps to follow the track to be removed.

    1064 nm: wavelength indicated for the treatment of blue and black pigments.
    532 nm: wavelength indicated for the treatment of red and brown pigments.

    Dual Tattoo technology allows to treat different tattoo colors, as well as superficial and deep pigmented lesions.

The Dual Tattoo upgrade is Dual Pico, that allows to obtain even faster results, and to effectively treat all colors, even the lightest, thanks to its 3 wavelengths.

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