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Dual Pico is the most sophisticated laser for removing tattoos and pigmented lesions

    Q-Switched Dual Pico is the most innovative laser, with a ultra-rapid technology, which is expressed in picoseconds. Its purpose is the fast and secure removal of polychrome tattoos and pigmented lesions.

    The real revolution of Dual Pico is the induction of a photoacoustic effect that is much higher than that of other lasers. To pulverize particles, it is necessary that the duration of the pulse is less than the crossing time of the mechanical wave inside the target. For smallest ink particles and single melanosomes the range is expressed in picoseconds. Tissues around the target are not affected, by granting safe interventions.

    The impulse
    is able to fragment even the smallest particle of ink into a very fine “powder”, therefore it is easier to eliminate ink from the body’s immune system through macrophages.

    Dual Pico offers the possibility to choose between 3 wavelengths. Impulses are extremely rapid (expressed in picoseconds), and they are emitted at a very high energy. These impulses are selectively absorbed by ink or by the dyschromia pigment. Sudden heating is generated with a temperature that can reach 900 ° C inside the particle. When particles absorb a laser radiation, a rapid heating occurs, which in turn generates an acoustic mechanical wave that passes through it. The generated wave exerts a pressure to cause fragmentation of the affected pigment. Subsequently, macrophages absorb fragments and eliminate them through the immune system.

  • 3 WAVELENGTHSDual Pico
    Thanks to its 3 wavelengths, Dual Pico allows to treat dark and light tattoo colors as well as superficial and deep pigmented lesions.

1064 nm: wavelength for the treatment of blue or black pigments.

532 nm: wavelength indicated for the treatment of red and brown pigments.

755 nm: wavelength to treat light pigments and to obtain skin photo-rejuvenation.

The non-ablative laser passes through the skin without damaging it, and selectively stimulates the neo-formation of collagen. Skin appears more toned, it acquires brightness, while wrinkles, dilated pores and scarring are reduced


– It is necessary to analyze the explanatory sheet of inks used by the tattoo artist, in order to identify the type of pigments that have been used, their composition and origin;

pico before after

– Doctor evaluates the degree of color absorption for each patient: this determines the timing and the success of tattoo removal procedure;

– The removal does not leave halos, nor scarring effects; these elements essentially depend on the type of tissue of the patient and on the subjective reactivity to treatment;

– Tattoo should be at least 3-months-old before proceeding with its removal;

– Older tattos are eliminated faster;

– All colors are removed (even the lightest ones), but some colors could be eliminated faster than others;

– Some colors could vary after the first session, but further sessions are necessary to eliminate them.