Compact pressotherapy, designed for intensive use, dedicated to both Aesthetic and Sport fields


PressoMassage is a device for sectorial peristaltic pressure therapy.

It is a particularly-versatile equipment, and thanks to mobile sectors, it is possible to create a large number of combinations. This feature makes possible to realize specific programmes for each type problem.

PressoMassage generates the peristaltic wave with different pressures, on the basis of the areas that have to be treated, and by considering specific times, that are determined by the attainment of pressure of each sector. Everything is customizable according to individual needs.


PressoMassage is a legging-device composed of: 6 sectors for each limb (with herringbone sleeves), plus 2 abdominal sectors.

The use of mobile leggings, instead of fixed ones, it allows to easily position sectors in desired areas. This feature allows to reach even forbidden areas. In fact, the pressure-wave overlaps gently without leaving any gaps, by avoiding the creation of return flows to detriment of the venous system.


PressoMassage has a display on which values ​​of the selected parameters are shown.
The software provides 22 programmes with already-set parameters.


Pressotherapy is known for several benefits, thanks to its ability to stimulate lymphatic circulation. From slimming to cellulite reduction, this treatment is also used for its depuration and detox properties, for muscle relaxation and for pain-relief.