MilliGraft ® is the patented, innovative and minimally invasive method for the extraction of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCa) from adipose tissue. Thanks to the properties of MSCa cells, regenerative medicine and plastic / reconstructive surgery can count on a faster and more effective tissue regeneration. Both donor and receiver are the same patient, in this way MilliGraft ® avoids any rejection risk.

MilliGraft ® is also applied in aesthetic medicine, since there are infinite treatments that can be carried out thanks to cellular regeneration processes, for example: visage rejuvenation (lifting effect), filling (botox effect), scar treatments,…

MilliGraft ® can be applied in most of medical specialties and procedures: general surgery, vascular surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, trichology and even veterinary medicine.

There are no limits to the medical use of the MilliGraft®, because it is an important support for traditional procedures. It takes advantage of the important characteristics of Mesenchymal Stem Cells, it is safe, fast, and minimally invasive. It does not require any centrifuge or other device, nor special authorizations. It is simple to use and painless.


Adipose tissue is processed without any alterations and it is reduced to a micro suspension which is immediately ready to be used on damaged tissues, by favoring their repair. In a 2 ml suspension can be found up to 1,300,000 live cells.

MilliGraft ® method is enclosed in a sterile and disposable procedural kit, which contains everything necessary for the collection, processing and transfer of the suspension obtained through the minimally invasive procedure.

MilliGraft ® has an extremely low cost, that is an important feature that makes the procedure economically accessible for any patient.

Packaging is 100% green and sustainable: every 5,000 kits we save at least 85 kg of cellulose. Every 10,000 kits we save the amount of paper produced by an entire medium-sized tree (about 15 meters high), by contributing to the protection of forests (calculations have been estimated on data provided by WWF about paper production).

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