DUAL COLOR allows you to mix the peroxide and the color in a homogeneous cream without any kind of lumps.

The mixing is the result of a magnetic energy, generated between the machine and the spinning magnet inside the passivated steel bowl (same steel
used in surgery, so no chemical reactions with the ingredients). You can use it with other products as well.

The CHS, Controlled Heating System, ensures the uniform blend of all ingredients at a maximum of 37C°/ 98F°, which is our internal body temperature. This allows the color or bleach to get
activated, and to start the oxidation process inside the bowl; and not on the client’s head! When we apply it on the hair, the mix will start immediately to penetrate the cuticle. The client will feel a warm sensation on the scalp and this will help her to relax.
This heating process will also help to reduce the ammonia content in the mixed product. During the mixing process, the ingredients are chained in a molecular way, one by one, using the
necessary ammonia to get saturated. The remaining ammonia will evaporate and will remain on the cap of the bowl. In this way you will have a color with a lower ammonia content and no ammonia odor being inhaled.


  • Reduces processing time by ±30%. More clients in less time.
  • Uses 20%* less product than with manual mixing.
  • Allows a deeper saturation, brighter and longer lasting color.
  • Diminishes scalp irritation for the client. Lower ammonia content in the final mix.
  • Reduces ammonia inhalation.
  • Helps to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Can be used with many other products.
  •  A great warm experience for the client.
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