The human being in the center of…

Be far away from commonplaces, avoid to assemble lifeless pieces, follow clients to exalt their personality and emotions: for our staff these are more then rules, rather the only way to give our contribution to the fascinating beauty and wellness world.

Our success comes from good partnership with companies who are leader in their field of application. The established synergy allows Dual Trend to offer custom contract solutions that respond to the increasing demand of the beauty and wellness market.

We intervene in different locations: exclusive hotels, maxi yachts,  SPA, Medical centers, beauty farm, thermal centres, rehabilitation centres, fitness club, beauty centres, villas.

We reserve to each client a unique project and a financial success beyond expections, thanks to careful enquires and business plan.

The reasons to choose Dual Trend:

  • DUAL TREND elaborates, at no costs, a preliminary feasibility plan to analyze the real economic capacity of your SPA business.
  • DUAL TREND GROUP is made of a pool of skilled professionals who work to offer unique products and high profitability.
  • DUAL TREND becomes your partner in the search of, training and follow-up of the staff of your SPA structure.