made-in-italyDual Trend is working in the professional beauty and medical market since 1992, focusing its experience in the development of medical and aesthetics devices.

Recenty, 3 new divisions are borned:

  • HAIR DIVISION, planning new equipment for Hair salons and their end-users
  • PHARMA BEAUTY POINT, a beauty corner to be installed inside┬áPahrmacies to offer professional beauty services
  • APP DEVELOPPING, new APP to help professional of Hair and SPAS to increase their incomes through a very HIGH TECH approach to clients

We have projected SPA points of different sizes in different locations: in beauty centres, in new areas, on cruisers board, on maxi yachts, in thermal centres, in hotels, in villas.

Dual Trend is the right company to entrust your SPA project: from the idea to the project, from the furnishings to the supply of beauty and wellness technologies to let your clientele feel good with its body and mind in a special surrounding where lights, colours, shapes, water and treatments are at her/his service.

Nothing is left at random: we create custom cosmetic lines for the SPA, we introduce the right professional equipment for the clientele target, we think about the synergy between equipment and treatments, we offer marketing services, staff coaching.